The National Capital Region School Registrars Association (NACSRA) is an organization composed of university and college registrars representing schools located in NCR and are duly registered and recognized by the Commission on Higher Education.

The association is aimed at (1) bringing together registrars under one official organization; (2) fostering closer cooperation among registrars in the performance of their respective functions; (3) working for the welfare and professional development of registrars in view of their functions in the academic community; and (4) conducting training programs to improve efficiency in the workplace.

The management of the affairs of the association is vested in the Board of Directors composed of fifteen(15) members, who are elected by the members of the association in a general meeting. The executive officers of the association consist of the President, who is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Press Relations Officer (PRO). The executive officers are elected from amongst the members of the Board of Directors.